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Why Choose Verifine Study?

VeriGPT is your personalized and intelligent study companion for the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE).

With VeriGPT, we're revolutionizing the way students prepare for exams by offering an interactive and dynamic learning experience. Engage in insightful conversations with our AI, enhance your understanding of subjects, and ace your exams with confidence.

Learn w/ AI

An AI with knowledge of 100+ STEM & beyond study materials, all accessible 24/7, on any device, ready to answer any of your questions

Practice w/ AI

Instant access to fresh practice questions always, for any difficulty, from Physics to Chemistry to Mathematics and everything in between

Exam-Read w/ AI

Get insights and analysis of your strengths and weaknesses. Boost your confidence and get exam-ready with potential examinations questions

Get ahead with AI

Join Verifine Study today and elevate your exam preparation to new heights. Empower yourself with intelligent learning, conquer challenging subjects, and stride into the examination hall with confidence. Success awaits when knowledge meets innovation.

Tailored Learning Experience

Enjoy a personalized learning journey that adapts to your unique needs and learning style. Our AI analyzes your performance, identifies areas for improvement, and tailors study materials to address your specific challenges. Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all approaches and embrace a truly customized learning experience.

Real-world Exam Preparation

Prepare for your exams with real-time assistance. Chat with our AI to get instant clarifications, explanations, and insights into challenging topics. Receive feedback on your answers, identify common pitfalls, and ensure you're exam-ready. Verifine Study is your virtual study companion, available whenever you need guidance.

Comprehensive Exam Coverage

Access an extensive database of past WASSCE questions and answers. Our application covers a wide range of subjects, topics, and difficulty levels, providing a comprehensive resource for your exam preparation. Dive into specific subjects or review entire exam papers to build a solid foundation and boost your confidence before the big day.


Our cutting-edge application harnesses the power of a Language Model fine-tuned with comprehensive question and answer embeddings from past examinations. With Verifine Study, we're revolutionizing the way students prepare for exams by offering an interactive and dynamic learning experience.

Explore a wide range of National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ) materials to enhance your knowledge and preparation.

Our VeriGPT AI has NSMQ questions and answers as knowledgebase. Ask for clarification, and gain insights into questions and their answers, and generate potential NSMQ-level difficult questions to practice. Keep your team sharp with new ways of challenge.

Prepare for the next contest, the AI way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Verifine Study is constantly evolving and improving with more study questions and materials being added.

How VeriGPT Works?

Begin a conversation with VeriGPT - Verifine's Educational AI model.

With VeriGPT, prepare for your upcoming examination, using sample AI-generated mock WASSCE questions. Challenge your understanding of concepts, and advance in the exams question answering skills.

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